Every Season is Proposal Season


Now that you’ve selected a ring, it’s time to pop the question. There are hundreds of ways to get down on one knee, but you only get one chance to come up with the perfect proposal. It’s important to consider ways to incorporate your own relationship and what your sweetheart likes to make it even more special for the two of you. Consider if she wants something intimate and private or an elaborate public proposal.

We’ve gathered a few ways to pop the question throughout each season and included “pro-tips” to up the ante even further and really impress her. Love is in the air!

Fall Proposal Ideas

As the air starts to turn crisp and the leaves begin to change colors, you and your sweetheart may have the urge to get even closer, which makes it the perfect time to propose. Plus, with the array of colorful foliage, autumn is a great season for engagement photos!

Pumpkin patch proposal
Celebrate fall with one of your favorite childhood activities: going to the pumpkin patch. Pretend you’ve found the perfect pumpkin, but instead get down on one knee (make sure it’s not too muddy!), and pop the question.
Pro-tip: Too muddy at the pumpkin patch? Take your perfect pumpkin home and opt for carving “will you marry me?” into your pumpkin instead.

Maze proposal
Arrange a daytime or evening date to your local corn maze. Get ahead of her and be ready to pop the question when she turns the corner.
Pro-tip: Plan ahead and invite your friends to be there to celebrate when you’re done!

Haunted house proposal
Does your love have a spooky side? Plan an evening near Halloween for a frightful festive proposal. Suggest that you dress up as bride and groom for Halloween so your proposal pictures are even cuter. This is even better if you’re a couple that does “couples costumes,” since she won’t suspect anything.
Pro-tip: Call the haunted house ahead of time and arrange for some of the ghouls and goblins to be in on the surprise – ask them to hold banners that say “will you marry me?”

Winter Proposal Ideas

Winter is always romantic because it gives you an opportunity to snuggle up with your love. The holiday season is an excellent time of the year to propose marriage, with Christmas being one of the most popular days to propose, but there are plenty of ways to propose that don’t involve one of the winter holidays.

Christmas proposal
After she’s done opening the presents under the tree, say you have one more present for her and get down on one knee.
Pro-tip: Wrap the ring itself and present it to her as a gift. A wrapped small ring box is simple and classic, while placing the ring in a larger box packed with decoy items adds an element of surprise. Merry Christmas, indeed!

Romantic evening proposal
Turn off all the lights in your home and make a trail of candles that leads to a circle of candles positioned around the you and the ring.
Pro-tip: Have a dinner ready in the kitchen/dining room (cooked by you or a professional chef) with her favorite foods or food that reminds you of a date you went on.

Coffee shop proposal
Was your first date at a coffee shop? Take her back to your first date spot and pop the question over your favorite latte on a chilly winter day.
Pro-tip: Order a stencil that spells out “Marry Me?” Discreetly ask the barista to use the stencil by sprinkling cinnamon or chocolate powder over the stencil and surprise your coffee loving lady with the best latte of her life.

Super Bowl Proposal
Favorite NFL team participating in the Super Bowl? If you and your girl are die-hard football fans, then this proposal can be extra sentimental to your relationship. Make game day even more special by planning a proposal for half-time in front of your family and friends. This works for any major sporting event, not just the Super Bowl!
Pro-tip: Write out “will you marry me?” in the dip, or get her a custom NFL jersey with her future last name on it and present it when your team scores their first touchdown.

Spring Proposal Ideas

Spring is notoriously full of love and romance: flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, which makes it a perfect time for outside proposals and photo opportunities!

Scavenger hunt proposal
Send your unsuspecting fiancé-to-be on a treasure hunt that ends with your proposal. Start with a clue at home (a handwritten note or text message) that leads to a tour of your favorite spots all over town.
Pro-tip: Relate each clue to a part of your relationship or things she likes. Think back to your first date – is there anything you can use as a clue? Does she like handbags? Hide a clue in her favorite handbag. Does she like video games? Have a video game themed scavenger hunt.

Stadium proposal
Attend your favorite sporting event and arrange to propose on the big screen. Get in touch with the public relations department at the stadium in the week leading up to the big day. For a few hundred dollars, the stadium will post your message on the big screen and arrange a time for you. This proposal is definitely not for the shy – all eyes are on you!
Pro-tip: Make sure you get an aisle seat for enough room to get down on one knee!

Botanical garden proposal
There’s nothing quite like a garden in full bloom! Use this beautiful backdrop as a foreground for your intimate engagement.
Pro-tip: If you would rather surprise her, arrange in advance. Call the gardens and ask if you can set up a rose/flower petal path leading to a beautiful scene in the gardens. Ask family or friends to arrange to bring her. Have a photographer read to capture the romantic scene. She’ll know something’s up, but it will be extra special.

Summer Proposal Ideas

Ah, summer. You’re outside, the sunshine is warm, the days are long and you’re spending more time together. Many people use summer as an opportunity to travel and spend time outdoors, which gives you a wonderful backdrop for your proposal.

Destination proposal
Proposing on vacation is a unique way to make a getaway even more memorable. Plan a surprise romantic destination getaway. As you arrive at your gate, go to the customer service desk and explain your plan to propose once on-board. Ask them to help you with your proposal by signaling you or calling you to the front of the plane the loud speaker. You might even get your seats upgraded! Just make sure you have your speech planned ahead of time!
Pro-tip: Call the hotel you plan to stay at and tell them you’re getting engaged. Ask if there is anything they can do to help make the occasion more memorable. Hotels are known for aiming to provide excellent customer service, so they’ll likely throw in an upgrade or at least a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your engagement.

Tourist + Paparazzi proposal
Pick a tourist destination location that is special to the two of you or that you’ve always wanted to travel to (Disneyland, Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square). Find the perfect moment and pop the question. The memories of your vacation and proposal will last a lifetime.
Pro-tip: Hire a professional photographer to capture the moment from afar. When you reach your destination, get down on one knee. You’ll have pictures of this special moment forever and she’ll cherish having it to share with family and friends.

Romantic view proposal
Find a restaurant that offers dining on the water (or an equally picturesque backdrop) and plan to end the meal around sunset. As your dessert arrives and the sun hugs the horizon, get down on one knee.
Pro-tip: Call beforehand and get their advice on the best way to propose in their restaurant. For example, ask the pastry chef to write: “will you marry me?” around the rim of the dessert plate). Or, if there’s a beach nearby, sneak away to the beach and write your proposal out in the sand or rocks and go for a stroll after your romantic meal.

Star-Gazing Proposal
Warm summer nights are perfect for staying up late and star-gazing. Pack a late night picnic and cuddle up on a blanket to gaze at the stars. Pop the question as soon as the moment feels right!
Pro-tip: The Perseid meteor shower, the brightest of all annual meteor showers, occurs in mid-August, reaching peak activity around August 11-13. Tell her to make a wish on a falling star, and while her eyes are closed get down on knee.

No matter how you choose to get down on one knee, we know she’ll love her Boston Diamond Studio‘s engagement ring!

Every Season is Proposal Season
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