You have the ring, but what happens if it gets lost? Yikes – losing that cherished accessory is something every bride-to-be worries about at one time or another. In today’s post, we’re sharing three tips to protect your engagement ring, especially in these cold winter months. You may be surprised at the unexpected ways your ring can get damaged or lost… and we’re here to help! Read on to find out how to protect an engagement ring in winter time

Protect Your Engagement Ring in WinterHow to Protect an Engagement Ring in Winter

In winter, there are three key places where your engagement ring can get misplaced. Be careful when handling the following:


Gloves are a necessary accessory in the elements, but did you know that glove interiors can snag your ring prongs? It’s true. This means your new ring could become loose and subsequently get lost. To eliminate the risk, simply be mindful when removing gloves.

Cold Temperatures

When it gets cold outside, your fingers shrink which means your ring can slip off more easily than in the summer months. Consider having a sizing bump added by a jeweler if your ring is able to twist around your finger easily, even if it’s just for the winter months.


Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, as well as indoor fitness can put your jewelry at increased risk for chips, breaks and accidental loss. Consider removing your jewelry when you’re most-active.

When the weather outside is frightful, your engagement ring can be less than delightful because…

Does your engagement ring fit differently from season to season? Or are your fingers immune to changes in weather? Are you getting your engagement ring resized?

Protect Your Engagement Ring in Winter
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