How to Read a GIA Grading Report Video by GIA.

Shopping for a diamond, and want to understand diamond value? You’ll want to know about the 4Cs of diamond quality.

4Cs creator GIA goes to extraordinary lengths to guarantee the highest levels of integrity. A diamond report issued by GIA, which is oftentimes referred to as a diamond certification or diamond cert, ensures that the diamond you’re considering buying has the qualities you’re looking for.

Start by understanding how to read a report from GIA.

A GIA Diamond Grading Report provides assurance that your diamond is a natural diamond.

While other reports from other entities have made their way into the marketplace, GIA continues to be recognized as the original and unrivaled source for accuracy and integrity in diamond grading, due to its status as a nonprofit institute dedicated to protecting the public trust.

This informative video will help explain the unique benefits and features of a GIA report. And remember to ask your jeweler for GIA report so you know exactly what you’re buying.

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How to Read a GIA Grading Report (Video)
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