Nothing shines quite as bright as the holiday season – that is expect for diamonds, of course. The gift of diamonds is a time-honored tradition and there is perhaps no gift more welcome or treasured. But, we get it, buying diamonds is a big deal and it can be difficult to navigate the waters with so many choices.

Your Guide to Buying Diamonds this Holiday Season

Therefore, we’re listing our easy-to-understand diamond buying tips to maximize your purchase while keeping your bottom line in sight.

Get Fancy

Traditionally, the round brilliant cut has been the most popular diamond shape; however, in recent years, a more affluent consumer base has fueled the demand for diversity in diamonds. This has resulted in the market witnessing a steady influx of new, fancier cuts and a revival of vintage designs. Emerald, Asscher, princess, oval, radiant, cushion, pear, heart, and marquise are generally less expensive than a round cut of the same weight and often appear larger. Bear in mind though that the selection process and criteria for each shape will not be the same.

Clarity and Color

A diamond is graded on its clarity based upon the amount and size of its imperfections. However, most imperfections are so miniscule that unless viewed under a microscope they aren’t noticeable to the naked eye. When it comes to clarity, however it’s all about taste, interest, and budget. If you intend to buy the very best diamond on the market you should spring for a diamond graded F-D. If you’re more relaxed and searching for a diamond that appeals well to the naked eye, aim for the H-G rank.

Counting Carats

When considering carats, a diamond slightly below a whole number carat weight, example a 1.97 carat vs a 2 carat, can be considerably less expensive, yet almost indiscernible. Your savings on the other hand will be significant.

Review the Certificate

Before you buy, make sure the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or another independent gemological lab has graded and evaluated the diamond. Don’t just take our word or the word or your salesperson – take the undisputed diamond professional’s word for it, they practically wrote the book on diamonds!

Your Guide to Buying Diamonds this Holiday Season
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